Wednesday, May 13, 2009

B Co/Task Force Mullen Secure Forum

        We are fortunate to have Marvin Abella who has graciously taken the time to create a secure forum for our team.  Here are his instructions to access this secure forum:

Ok I've setup the secure comm at the forum. I just need everyone from our group to create an account and then PM me: "mcfleri" (one of the root admins) at that site so I can grant them access to the board. 

Have the guys PM me with a message: Lionclaws - Team Mullen 

Register here:

here's the link to the forum: 

         Thanks again to Marvin Abella for being a great host.  Follow his instructions, log in, and I'll see you in Hesperia.

        Marlon Castro
        1SG, Bravo Co.

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